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Neuron Pentaptych

More work on neurons on a Friday night…  Again, collapsing 3D problems down to 2.5D like I did before.  The five images that made up the pentaptych above can be found below.

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  1. That third image I find especially beautiful. Like ask if I could have a large print signed and frame it in my house beautiful.

  2. email me for details…

  3. Uber excited.

  4. I’ll try and get the images printed off and in the mail for you on Monday. :-)

  5. where is this? image is amazing!

  6. Hey Koji! How are things? Thanks for the comment.

    These images are from a limbic associated area of CNS. It turned out pretty good and makes for some really pretty large scale prints. My friend Melinda as noted above has some prints headed her way as we speak.

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