Birding In Andalusia

Camera: Canon R3
Exposure: 1/160
Aperture: f7.1
Focal Length: 500mm
ISO: 125

My friend Michael Redmond and I took a day after the RD Meeting in Torremolinos to go birding at Laguna Grande and Laguna de la Casilla, as well as up in Andalusia before jumping on a plane and flying home.

We had an amazing local guide, Florent Prunier and saw everything from the common birds like house sparrows and rock doves, to Sardinian warblers, European stonechats, black winged stilts, monk parakeets, cormorants, grey herons, snowy egrets, flamingos, and the very first common kingfisher I’ve ever seen.  But there were a bunch of other birds that were thrilling to see, if at greater distances like Eurasian blackcaps, red-billed choughs, booted eagles, greater flamingos, blue rock thrushes,  and griffon vultures.  We also saw insects like the large wall brown butterflies, and scarabs, I’m thinking of picking up a longer lens for birding at those distances now…

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