Camera: Apple iPhone 11 Pro
Exposure: 1/1608
Aperture: f/1.8
Focal Length: 52mm equivalent
ISO: 32

Walking to work, there are beehives on campus around the library and around some of the student housing.  This is absolutely delightful and is another reason why we have so many bee friendly plants in our yard.

Bees are such a critical part of our world ecosystem and economy and they are under huge environmental pressure.  Anything we can do to help them out, is a good thing for them, and for us.

6 Replies to “Beehive”

      1. This years hive is the biggest yet — it should be a record year for production.

        We need to meet up soon — I was at Moran yesterday but I didn’t give a shout as sometimes the weirdness is too overwhelming…


  1. The Hive swarmed – or collapsed in Mid Aug… I lost the bees and the record amount of honey as the frames were literally picked clean… a real heartbreaker. I don’t know if I will go it again this year – we’ll see. Losing hives is such a dart to the heart – when we try to give them the best home ever.

    1. Oh, nooooo! That is heartbreaking. Though you don’t always know why bees swarm, right? Some beekeepers lose a known percentage of hives, every year because of environment and other stressors.

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