This Is Your Brain… Any Questions?

Neurons in the brain

This is another in a set of images from rendered neuroscience data and part of an expanding set of images including Neuron, Neuron Pentaptych, Visual Cortex Neuron, and Abstract Cell Bodies In Brain that resemble charcoal on paper in their processing.  Some of these images are now art hanging on walls of friends in cities around the world including London, Tokyo, Amsterdam, San Francisco and Salt Lake City.


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  1. Dear Bryan,

    I’m an academic from Oxford who makes short video-interviews with academics to post on our YouTube Channel (The Practical Ethics Channel). I was wondering whether I’m allowed to use your picture in a short video interview I made on the ethics of using neurointerventions to prevent crime Unfortunately, I’m not sure how to interpret the copyright document…It’s a fantastic picture though – it looks like marble with neurons… It’d be great if you could just indicate whether or not I can use it this way. Many thanks, Katrien

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