Bassam’s B-Day

One of the best peeps on the planet, my good friend and brother Bassam had his 40th birthday party the other day and H and I were delighted to be able to participate.  Its a wonderful crowd over there and I always have felt absolutely warm with good feelings every time I get to spend time with them.


L and N schemed to surprise Sam with the party and invited a crowd of folks along with plenty of food to go around.  Munir would have been most proud to see the spread and good folks that turned out to celebrate with Sam.


O actually managed to smile for the camera as opposed to some earlier photos I have of her where she is doing exactly what her brother did…  I could not get a frame without A making faces…  Remember kids, I am your Godfather…  I will use these photographs in the future to keep you in line…

Happy birthday Sam!


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