Sunday Hike

It was a glorious Sunday on the Wasatch Front today and we could not resist the urge to get up into the foothills for a hike.  The air was clean and clear and the news tonight said it got up to 60 degrees which felt like shorts weather and nothing like what a February day should feel like.  Unfortunately, after lunch, I ended up spending the rest of the day inside finishing off the final tuning on a manuscript that will go in tomorrow.  The good news is that this manuscript should be one of many this year as we’ll have 3 manuscripts submitted this week and hopefully another 2 next month with a chapter that has already been accepted.  On top of the Retinal Connectome manuscript that was just published and a ton of other work we are in the middle of, we’re off to a pretty good start this year.

I’ll close with an editorial…  This image above is a bag of feces someone left on the trail from their dog.  This is marginally better than piles of dog feces on the trail, but still unacceptable for people to leave this for others to clean up.  I love animals including dogs and cats, but the whole deal of people not cleaning up after their animals is a bit tiresome.

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