Great Salt Lake Training Series 2011 10k

Saturday was spent running races and running errands.  H and her sister H were running the Great Salt Lake Training Series 10k while I walked around making photographs and playing with the Canon 15mm fisheye lens in new environments.  The lens actually has a rather nice starburst when you crank the aperture down a bit (f/15 in this case).

A bit of running humor I suppose…

This photo actually makes me laugh a little bit.  I was standing up on the road looking at this cute family walking out to the water.  I was thinking to myself “what a lovely family” as I grabbed their picture with a fairly wide framing to keep them anonymous.  The funny thing about it was that this same family turned out to be my Brother and Sister-In-Law and our nephew.  One gets good vibes up close and from afar…

Yawusa and I ended up talking a bit while he waited for his cousins and friends to finish.  I had a wonderful time listening to his tell me about being born in Sudan and growing up in Ethiopia on a farm.  Yawusa speaks an impressive 6 or so languages including (I think) Urdu, Arabic, Oromo, English and one or two others.

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