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  1. I always know better than to click on links, especially from photographers, that reference spiders ;)

    An actual hobo spider, eh? (a bit dangerous, aren’t they?) I’ve seen spiders that are very very similar looking but I’m not sure I’ve seen the real deal.

    Either way, I may have to give focus stacking a go here with my macro lens… though probably not with a hobo spider ;)

  2. Yeah, focus stacking is a riot of fun.

    As far as working with the hobo spider, yeah… they *are* poisonous and the bite is horrible. I cooled this guy down in the refrigerator for a couple of hours, then put him in a petri dish in the lab on top of a iced gel pack. All handling was done with gloves.

    When we were done, his reward for participating in the photo-shoot was getting released in the foothills behind the medical center.

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