The Best Laid Schemes…

The title is taken from the Steinbeck novel Of Mice and Men.  I had planned a really neat idea for a photo shoot down at Nellis AFB this weekend and got a buy in from one of the pilots down there who will be shipping out to Afghanistan soon.  Unfortunately, due to limited staffing at Nellis over a holiday, my plans will not happen…  At least not this time.  Disappointing for sure, but like most things in life and in the Steinbeck novel, the consequences of plans and dreams are complicated and fall out, some good, some bad.  Immediate assessment:  Having this fall through saved me some money but cost Pictureline some sales as I was going to have to buy some gear to make it happen.  Most of all though, some very cool images will not be made and the Air Force will not get them.  As I said, disappointing.

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