Sidewalk Cafe, Turin

I mentioned some time ago that there was a collection of photographs that I had been meaning to put online, but unfortunately, until now it has not been done for a variety of reasons.  This will be the year that it happens…  There are many photographs and unfortunately, the vast majority of them are almost context free.  My hopes in getting them online are that the wider Internet community can start to establish context through faces and local knowledge.  At the very least, getting them online means they are preserved to some wider extent and as such, they open a window into moments in time that are long past.

The photo above is representative of what is in the archive.  It is a cropped picture of some people, associated in some way with one of my Grandfathers, taken on a street in Turin, Italy around 1943.  The full size shot is below.  As time permits, I will upload another image or group of images with similar context every few days in the hopes that they will give a unique photographic insight through photographs that have not been seen before in the public eye.

There are many collections of photographs like this throughout the world, representing time, place and events that are languishing in attics, basements and personal collections which are disappearing as the ravages of time and poor storage take their toll.  I would like to see them all made available to the rest of the world for history to fill in and document and the Internet makes this possible.  Get to work folks… find them, scan them and upload that imagery for the rest of the world.

Full size image that the cropped introductory image above came from.

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  1. If I didn’t know better… the fellow sitting in front looks like MacArthur. I had to do a double take. I’m pretty sure he wasn’t in Turin at that time. ;-) Interesting set of photos.

  2. Don’t think it was MacArthur ;-), but there are some interesting faces in some of these images and some *really* interesting groupings of people. More to come in the coming days…

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