Don Fox visit to Moran Eye Center

I had the great honor and privilege of hosting Don Fox here at the Moran Eye Center this weekend. Don and I are setting up a collaboration and it was good to have him drop by and get a chance to visit with faculty and students. Don possesses a stunning intellect and ability to recall science that meakes for rather fun discussion.

Don got a chance to talk with Robert Marc and hear what we are doing with the retinal connectome project, something I’ve written about on Jonesblog before.

We also had a chance to sit down with Wolfgang Baehr and Ning Tian to talk science and then go out for a most tasty dinner out at Lugano’s. These are the times you have a chance to get to know your colleagues and establish who they are in science as well as get a better feel for who they are as a person. I have to say that Don is one of the best, not only in science, but also as a great human being. Thanks Don for a most enjoyable visit and I’ll look forward to visiting with you again at ARVO.

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