Canada Geese

Camera: Canon R3
Exposure: 1/160
Aperture: f/10
Focal Length: 500mm
ISO: 125

Canada geese (Branta canadensis) down at Sugarhouse Park, Salt Lake City, Utah.

I got out with a new camera and lens combination yesterday, updating my 14 year old Canon 1D Mk IV, and the 11 year old Canon 1D X to a new Canon R3. I’ve shot Canon cameras for ~25 years or more, and it has been my go to system for birding. My birding lens has also been updated with the RF 100-500mm f/4.5-7.1 IS USM lens of which this above image is the first shot through it. Not the greatest shot, but the resolution, reach, and detail is pretty good for such a portable lens.

Life has conspired to limit the birding photography over the last few years, but it has been something I’ve missed, and will be jumping back into with a trip to Australia with my friend and colleague Michael Redmond @TMichaelRedmon1 in the not too distant future.

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