Happy Weird Holidays, 2020

Camera: Apple iPhone 12 Pro
Exposure: 1/60
Aperture: f/1.6
Focal Length: 52mm equivalent
ISO: 250

Happy Weird Holidays, 2020.  What a strange, and fundamentally challenging year this has been for so many.  It has been lonely, frustrating, painful, and discouraging for many of us.  For the families of the 1.7 million people killed so far by COVID-19, it has been tragic.  This holiday season, I encourage all to be a bit more patient, kind, and compassionate to those around you, as you don’t know what they are dealing with.

This pandemic has exacerbated the challenges that many are dealing with financially, socially, and emotionally. And while this life gives and it takes, it also gives us opportunities to make decisions that allow us to help improve the lives of those around us and those who are far away.

Help improve the lives of those who may not see things the way you see them, those that may live in foreign lands and those who strive for the same access to life stability, but don’t have the same opportunities to realize it.

As always, this Holiday Season, we support and encourage you to consider food to nourishwarm walls, a solid roof, access to clean waterstable and safe familiesliberty and freedom from poverty in a humane society. Not everyone has the luxury of achieving these things.  The least that we can do is to do a small part to help make those things possible.

Happy Holidays fam, I love you all.

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