Portrait: Helga Kolb (In My Office)

Camera: Leica M9
Exposure: 1/180
Aperture: f/1.7
Focal Length: 50mm
ISO: 640

My colleague Helga Kolb stopped by my office today to talk about a couple of Webvision chapters that we will be uploading soon. She also wanted to chat about synaptology in scanning electron microscopy vs. transmission electron microscopy, (something I’ve commented on before) and she noted that there was great difficulty in defining precise circuitry at resolutions lower than 2nm/pixel. ¬†Any circuitry analysis that could not appropriately resolve synapses and gap junctions was in her estimation to be of lower quality than the work she engaged in back in the 1970s or 1980s.

Helga is not wrong on this point.

I was delighted and got to share some of the work that we are engaged in now, looking at pathological connectomes, or pathoconnectomes.  Publications coming *soon*.

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