ARVO 2014

Victoria crowned pidgeon

Well, life moves pretty fast and it has taken me a few months to get around to the snapshots from this years ARVO.  Sorry about that.  Without further ado, here they are…


Barry Marshall

Barry Marshall2

They keynote this year at ARVO was delivered by Barry Marshall.  No, not vision, but an interesting story nonetheless.


Sam Wu introduces Wolfgang Baehr

Sam Wu introducing Wolfgang for his award speech.


Wolfgang cascade

Wolfgang delivering talk

Wolfgang wins award

The big news for the Moran Eye Center this year was Wolfgang Baehr winning the Proctor Medal for his lifelong work in understanding the phototransduction cascade.  Congratulations Wolfgang.


Wolfgang and Olaf

Wolfgang and Olaf Strauss.


Sam Wolfgang Robert

Sam, Wolfgang and Robert.


Robert Randy and Wolfgang

Robert, Randy and Wolfgang.


Steve Fliesler

Steve Fliesler.  See you in San Francisco for ISER Steve.


Ron Gregg

Ron Gregg.  Ron, sorry we did not get a chance to catch up when I was in Louisville.  Next round is on me.



Robert Marc at dinner.


Becca at dinner

Becca Pfeiffer.


Crystal Sigulinsky

Crystal Sigulinsky.


Jefferson Brown

Jefferson Brown.


Lloyd Williams


Lloyd Williams.



Eerik Elias.



Scott Lauritzen.


John Dowling

John Dowling at the Dowling Reception.


John Flannery Krzysztof Palczewski Robert Marc

John Flannery, Krzysztof Palczewski and Robert Marc.


Convention Ctr window

The Orlando Convention Center was pretty nice, but…



The lights in the convention center made photography inside rather difficult as can be seen in the next animated gif…



The lights inside the Orlando convention center cycle in such a manner that they fool the eye into seeing a more natural wavelength and are decent for poster viewing, but awful for photography.  Here is Rene Renteria and his student, Nikolay Akimov while the color balance shifts all over the spectrum.  If your pictures from the convention center have funny looking color, this is why…

Hey Rene, good to see you again.  Sorry about the crazy photograph and atrocious, awful lighting…  Next year in Denver, hopefully the lighting won’t be so bad.


Machelle Crystal Eerik Rebecca

Machelle Pardue, Crystal, Eerik and Rebecca.


Robert Marc talks with Crystal and Jefferson

Robert talking with Crystal and Jefferson.


Becca presenting

Becca presenting at her first big science conference.  You rocked it Becca.


Bernhard Weber and Hemin Chin

Bernhard Weber and Hemin Chin.

Crazy shoes

Hemin Chin’s craaaaazy shoes.


Peter Westenskow

Peter Westenskow.


Matt McMahon

Matt McMahon talking with Steve Fliesler.


Paul Sieving

Paul Sieving communicating the direction of the NEI.





Meetings were pretty packed, but a few of us did manage to get out and see some of the wildlife around Florida including gators, herons, cormorants and even manatees!




Robert and Sam in Convention Ctr

See you next year, and next time I’ll get the pics posted sooner.


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