Portrait of H


This B&W version of a passport picture of H was made over the holidays after I suddenly realized that we needed to renew our passports.



Remembering this post over on Strobist, we decided to do a quick and essentially free passport photo at home using a single flash pointed at the wall/ceiling behind the camera and two simple reflectors, one behind the subject and another underneath the face.  Voilà!  David discusses all the details over on his page, so no need to rehash them here other than to wonder out loud why flash information beyond “Yes/fired”  is not encoded in image metadata?

Granted, for most off camera flash applications, getting those metadata right might be complicated, but not unreasonably so…  Another idea I was thinking about as I set this up:  3D laser mapping units on top of camera flashes.  Having a 3D laser mapping device on top of your camera flash would allow you to map out the precise positions of the camera flashes in your portable flash setup along with flash data, but also simplify other forensic related applications to photography.  Its something to think about anyway.

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