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Seattle Convention Center ARVO

Apologies to my ARVO peeps for taking this long to get the images processed and posted from ARVO 2013 back in May.  The year has been absolutely insanely busy with 4 grant applications in the last few months, not to mention 7 manuscripts, 6 abstracts and an award as well as a few other things that I can’t mention yet.  The end of the year is coming like a freight train, so at least I’ll get these pics up before the next ARVO, down in *Orlando*!?!??.  So, to my friends asking about photographs from ARVO, here they are…  Late, but here.

This was the first year that ARVO had been held in Seattle.  The meetings this year seemed pretty intense, but I did manage to get out and walk the streets after dinner with camera.  Those images will appear in a separate entry.


Alex Yingbin and Sandeep

Alex, Yingbin and Sandeep in the conference hall.


Andrew Ishida and Crystal

Andrew Ishida at Crystal’s poster.


Crystal at poster

Crystal Sigulinsky at poster.


David Krizaj at posters

David Krizaj in posters.


Enrica at poster

Enrica Strettoi at poster.


Ken Sloan

Kenneth Sloan.


Kris 1

Kris Sheets (@kgsheets).


Lloyd at poster

Lloyd Williams at his poster.


Martin-Paul Agbaga in posters

Martin-Paul Agbaga in the posters sessions.


Mason at poster

Mason in front of poster

Mason Posner (@mason91) at his poster.


Nico and Steve

Nico Cuenca and Steve Fliesler at Steve’s poster.


Ning at poster 2

Ning at poster

Ning Tian at his poster.


Peter in posters

Peter Westenskow in posters.


Peter Lukasiewicz at posters

Peter Lukasiewicz in posters.



Robert at poster

Robert in posters

Robert Marc at his poster.


Robert Marc and Bill Stell

Robert Marc and Bill Stell in posters.


Robert Steven Bryan

Robert Marc, Steven Fliesler and myself.


Sam and Ning

Sam Wu and Ning Tian.


Sam Wu at posters

Sam Wu at posters.


Wolfgang in posters

Wolfgang Baehr in posters.


Scott presenting

Scott Lauritzen presenting.


Wei Li presenting

Wei Li presenting.


Alex presenting

Alex Butler presenting.


Alex 1

Alex in Ettas

Bryan and Mason

Crystal at dinner

Crystal in restaurant

Crystal in Seattle bar

Daniel on street


Marclab team

Mason Crystal Scott

Alex at dinner


Scott and Crystal in Seattle

Scott at dinner

Scott in Seattle bar


Every year the Moran Eye Center also hosts a small party for a few of our colleagues, collaborators and friends.  Thanks to Julee and Ceola for setting the party up.  Next years party should be a riot as Wolfgang will be receiving a rather nice award from ARVO.  Hit me up if you want an invite. :-)

ARVO party 2

ARVO party 4

ARVO party David Williams

ARVO party Kris and Nick

ARVO party Orson Mortiz

ARVO party Peter with halo

ARVO party Robert and Andrew

ARVO party The crowd

ARVO party Wei Li

ARVO party

ARVO Party3

Ceola and Julee

Wished I would have taken more photos this year as it was a pretty good turnout.  If I missed you, the photo either did not turn out well (eyes closed, that sort of thing or I missed you).  Thank you Ceola and Julee in advance for all the work you are putting into next years party.





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