Ogden Half Marathon, 2013

Sunrise in Eden

Yesterday was an early morning for us to get up and drive up to Eden, Utah for H to run the Ogden Half Marathon.  I had hoped to get a decent shot of sunrise, but was about 1 minute too late to get the best of it.  That said, this pastoral scene reminds me of why I like the rural American West.  It really is beautiful.


H Running

It was a good turnout this year and seemed pretty well organized.  Its been amazing to see how popular running has become in the past few years.  It seems that every year, these races get bigger and bigger as people turn to running to get back in shape or stay in shape.  Given healthcare costs in this country, that cannot be a bad thing.


Running horses

Running horse

Eden horse

I also love watching the horses watch the runners and in turn, get excited and run back and forth themselves.  There is something about the freedom of movement that has a cross-species appeal and it always feels good to see humans and horses alike running for joy.

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