Notable Paper: Age-Related Changes In The Daily Rhythm of Photoreceptor Functioning And Circuitry In A Melatonin-Proficient Mouse Strain

This is an interesting study in PLoS One examining the involvement of melatonin in the retina, particularly in the survival of retinal neurons through aging studies in CH3-f+/+ mice, a melatonin proficient mouse strain.  As expected, certain physiological measures (a and b waves) are lost during aging, and in particular, the daily circadian rhythms of those measures.  However, the authors, Kenkichi Baba, Francesca Mazzoni, Sharon Owino, Susana Contreras-Alcantara, Enrica Strettoi and Gianluca Tosini did something really interesting and added exogenous melatonin to their assay and concluded that responsiveness of exogenous melatonin is also reduced during aging.

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