Review: Retinal Remodeling

We’ve published a new paper, another review on retinal remodeling in JJO (pdf here) that describes what happens in retinal degenerations.  Authors are myself, Mineo Kondo, Hiroko Terasaki, Yanhua Lin, Maureen McCall and Robert E. Marc.

I’ll use this paper to bootstrap an upcoming talk on retinal remodeling in Berlin and a chapter in Webvision.

Borrowing from the abstract…  Retinal remodeling is a universal finding subsequent to retinal degenerative disease that results in deafferentation of the neural retina from photoreceptor input as downstream neuronal elements respond to loss of input with negative plasticity.  This negative plasticity is not passive in the face of photoreceptor degeneration, with a phased revision of retinal structure and function found at the molecular, synaptic, cell, and tissue levels involving all cell classes in the retina, including neurons and glia.  Retinal remodeling has direct implications for the rescue of vision loss through bionic or biological approaches, as circuit revision in the retina corrupts any potential surrogate photoreceptor input to a remnant neural retina.  However, there are a number of potential opportunities for intervention that are revealed through the study of retinal remodeling, including therapies that are designed to slow down photoreceptor loss, interventions that are designed to limit or arrest remodeling events, and optogenetic approaches that target appropriate classes of neurons in the remnant neural retina.


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  1. Hi!
    I am Dr. Lazaro Joaquin Perez Aguiar and I am working in the International Center for Retinitis Pigmentosa in Havana, Cuba.
    We have a multitherapheutic strategy for RP patient in fase 1, 2 and sometimes for early fase 3, using a autologus pediculed transposition of orbital fat on suprachoroidal bed, in combination with ozonetherapy, electrostimulation and supplements, as always considering the retinal remodeling events, for more than 20 years with good results.
    Could I received a copy of your article in my e-mail?
    Thank in advanced!

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