Snowbird Neuroscience Symposium, 2011

This years Snowbird Neuroscience Symposium was held as usual in October, but I am late in getting the pictures posted as there is simply too much going on at work as we start to wrap up the end of the year, not to mention the holidays.


David Krizaj‘s graduate student Daniel Ryskamp delivering a most excellent talk on mechanosensation regulating retinal physiology.


Mary Lucero talking about gain control in the peripheral olfactory system.  Mary has appeared on Jonesblog before at the Snowbird Symposium along with Nobel Laureate Mario Capecchi as well as a post some time ago along with her husband Jimmy, an amazing artist.


Charles Schroeder delivering a very cool talk about brain dynamics used in active sensing.  More discussion was had later in the evening about the brain dynamics of old cars…


Ryan Constantine, an excellent MD/PhD student close to graduation from Wolfgang Baehr‘s lab talked about UNC119 being required for G protein trafficking in sensory neurons.


My friend and colleague Pamela Raymond talked about retinal regeneration in the zebrafish.


Friend and colleague Ed Levine during the sessions.


Neuroscience student John Gaynes gave a talk on local mRNA translation during axon guidance in vivo.


Robert Marc delivered a great talk on the retinal connectome, a project we are pretty passionate about.


I was very happy to have my technician Drew come up and enjoy the meeting.  Drew would actually make a wonderful scientist and is much more passionate, capable and intelligent than many graduate students I know.  I *really wish* we could keep him in science.


My friend and colleague, David Krizaj asking a question just before one of the poster sessions.


A postdoc in the lab, Felix Vazquez-Chona.  Felix is a righteous dude and always up for some adventure, particularly if it involves visiting national parks.


All around good guy and excellent scientist, Wolfgang Baehr.


Neuroscience graduate student Becca Parker enjoying a glass of wine at the *OPEN!* bar.


Tunde Molnar is a student in David Krizaj’s lab here presenting her poster on TRPC channels regulating intracellular calcium.  Its a tremendously exciting new area of biology with lots of potential therapeutic upside.


Our grad student Scott Lauritzen mugging for the camera.  Scott is well on his way to graduation with an exceptional body of work in bipolar cell circuitry.


Pamela at a reasonably tasty dinner up at Snowbird and conversation.  An even better dinner with wonderful conversation was had the next night over at Cucina Toscana for a truly excellent experience.  Thank you Walter.


Charles at dinner where the topic of conversation ranged from neural circuitry to restoring and maintaining old Volkswagen Beetles and discussing the merits of owning Mercedes Benz convertibles and sedans from the 1970’s and 80’s.  Thanks Charles!  It was a good time.


Sabine Fuhrmann at dinner.  Sabine is always wonderful dinner company and I look forward to more opportunities to dine with her.  Sabine… we need to find some more conch next time we are in Florida.


Matt Schmolesky is the local Society for Neuroscience chapter head.  We’ve worked together a few years ago and even shared a hotel room at ARVO before.  Yo, Matt… You still owe me a beer.


The guest speaker for the night was a charismatic Charles Zuker.  His talk was entertaining…



The introductory image was one I made for Ning Tian and originally appeared here.

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  1. I miss those faces! Thanks for sharing Brian! I still read up on all you folks – keep up the good science and helping people see!

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