Well, this is what I have been doing all day… How ’bout you?  Seriously though, the image above is a slice of brain tissue treated to examine it with an electron microscope.  Now its back to the computer to write until the wee hours of the morning.

The above image is another shot out of the iPhone 4 whereas the image at top is of a dedicated Canon 1D Mk III mounted on an Olympus dissection scope.

5 Replies to “Brains”

  1. Hard drives I get. Flash memory I get. But a brain… it’s just flat out amazing to me that a glob of mass can have literally unlimited storage potential, as well as manage all systems of the body 24/7 for 70+ years.

  2. Its amazing to me as well… Which of course is why we study such things, though I don’t think it is unlimited storage. The reality is that the brain leaks information… ;-)

  3. You’re job is way cooler than mine. I’ve been reading up on the brain – if you can count pop science – to better understand my own behaviors. Anyway, cool stuff Doc.

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