AAC Big Bang Party 2011, Whole Lotta Rosies

So, this band, the band that opened up for the 2011 AAC Big Bang Party called Whole Lotta Rosies deserved their own blog entry.  Yeah, they played at the AAC Big Bang Party and they undeniably rocked.

Initially, I was thinking an AC/DC cover band whose schtick was that they were an all girl band?  Come on… but much to my surprise, they blew me away.  When I got back home and was going through photos, my wife of course knew who Whole Lotta Rosies were as she read an article in the New Yorker or somewhere about them recently.  AAC and their sponsors continue to amaze me at these things by finding great musical talent.

Yes, in an homage to Woody Guthrie, the label on her guitar reads “This Machine Heals Hearts”.  While it is not the same punk ethos as Woody’s “This Machine Kills Fascists”, I found it to be both awesome and touching.

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