The Price of Science

Science can have a price from time to time.

This price exacts itself through a variety of ways commonly associated with extending ones self beyond the normal routine. Although, sometimes it seems that life just catches up to you and reminds you that sometimes things are harder than other times. For this trip, the plan was to fly out to Raleigh last Sunday and fly back home on Monday. However, between moths eating my nice, high dollar suits to weather delaying and ultimately stranding us in a dingy Atlanta airport hotel room with filthy towels to imagery seen in the hotel bar that I am not sure will ever be erased from my memory to finishing off the trip with a broken hand, this trip ended up being pretty difficult. In fact, it might have been an all time travel low if not for the success of the actual meetings at our destination and the wonderful company of Charles and Greg. I am always grateful for a sense of humor and the company of fine travel companions at times that can test even the most pleasant of personalities and I am pleased to report that throughout it all, much laughter was had.

Unfortunately, Greg and I did not get a chance to dine with Charles as his flight into Raleigh was delayed, but Greg and I did manage to get some planning and discussion done over a couple of rather tasty microbrews from Carolina Brewing Company on Sunday night. Fortunately, we had a few minutes at the airport to debrief with Charles before boarding the plane for our unfortunately delayed flight.

The purpose of this very fast trip to Raleigh, North Carolina with Greg Jones and Charles Keller was to visit Glaxo Smith Kline. I cannot discuss the purpose of that visit, but I believe the meetings went well and will lead to new science with promising outcomes that will have direct impact on the lives of others suffering from disease.

Now if this hand would only heal faster…

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