Thanksgiving break

Thanksgiving was a lovely extended weekend break from the stress that this year has wrought. We enjoy cooking, especially holiday meals and so had over C, C, F, H’s sister H, S and S to share dinner with us. Our traditional Thanksgiving meal seemed to go fairly well as H’s sister H called the next day to ask for another helping of H’s stuffing and my gravy as she woke up dreaming about it.

I am however, looking forward to getting back into the lab for a furious stretch of activity prior to the much needed Christmas holiday break. I have some tissues that I am very excited about from both the Japan trip and an oncological collaboration to work up and examine as well as the results of a series of other standing experiments to examine on top of a manuscript to finish contributing to, medical student interviews, my office to reconfigure with new furniture and racks for our servers and finally talks to deliver to the Scientific Computing Institute and the Lions Eye Bank.

There were plans to take a macro approach to Thanksgiving, however, unfortunately because I was so busy cooking, not as many photographs were taken as planned and all the macro shots amounted to a shot of chocolates and the pumpkin pie above.

I did manage to open up the aperture and also get a shot of a holiday Guinness for the chef while cooking.

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