ARVO meetings continued…

Today was a full day of presentations, posters and meetings with Daniel Palanker, Machelle Pardue, Dana Vaughan, Ken Lindberg and Geoff Lewis from the Fisher lab, Shannon Saszik, Wei Lei, and more to talk about current work and possible future scientific collaborations. It’s a scary time in science after having had the NIH budget significantly reworked over the past few years. Many labs, particularly the junior, less well established labs have lost their funding or are seriously concerned about losing funding so collaborative work is becoming more important. The drawback of course is that the funding and promotion environment at NIH is not well suited to broad collaborative projects and as such new approaches are going to need to be employed.

I was unable to get any photography in today due to the meetings and a number of very exciting talks and posters, so any images from today were pretty much taken at our now annual dinner at the Greek Islands Taverna restaurant hosted by Daniel Palanker. This is a wonderful place to eat with some of the best Greek food ever with excellent service, but what is also making this annual dinner a pleasure is the company. Robert and I brought James and we dined with Phil, Jim, Machelle and her sister and of course Daniel. Thank you again Daniel, look forward to talking with you and Phil soon.


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