We have been staying here at the Burswood hotel where the meetings are being hosted. It is a nice place to stay in Perth with all sorts of amenities, but it is a fairly typical casino type resort. However, it is situated on the beautiful Swan River with lots of opportunities for running on paths surrounding the hotel resort.

The meetings have been going pretty well and the presentation entitled “Neural Plasticity Revealed by Light-Induced Photoreceptor Lesions”¬†was well recieved with lots of questions, some of them completely out of left field and I knocked them out of the park. I think some of the folks in the audience were kinda testing me because the questions were related to the presentation only partially and had to do with epilepsy and circadian rhythms, both of which I know a little something about.

However, one of the questions I get asked, I answer, and then Robert sticks his hand up and says “I’m his mentor and I disagree with him!” WTF! I think. Robert then goes on to tell the audience why he disagrees with my response. He was in one of those moods that day and tells me afterwards “I will always be your toughest critic”. Jeez dude.

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