Australian outback

We took a little trip out to the Australian outback today and had a fantastic time. Ann’s camera had a bit more reach than mine (not to mention she is a better photographer), so I have included some photos that she took as well. The first three are hers, and others can be seen on her site. A trip to the Pinnacles should be on your list of things to do if you find yourself in western Australia. A wonderful time was had on a guided tour offered through Safari Treks. “Thank you driver!”

Kangaroo and joey, courtesy Ann Torrence.

Image, courtesy Ann Torrence.

Awwwwwww. A koala. Image, courtesy Ann Torrence.

Image, courtesy Ann Torrence.

Image, courtesy Ann Torrence.

This dude came to me while I was sitting on a curb in the parking lot of a gas station. He landed about halfway into the parking lot and then walked on up to me while I was drinking tea and having a biscuit. We shared the biscuit for a while and then we were on the road again. I realize that these birds are likely just like pigeons to the locals, but I was having a pretty good time.

Ann composing, no doubt another wonderful shot.

Robert, our driver and Ann.

So, I have tracked large and small animals all over the north American continent and am quite comfortable with identification from the tracks. However, these tracks honestly had be completely flummoxed for at least a minute until I realized “Oh!……Australia!……..Kangaroo. <Smacks forehead>.

Robert and Ann at the Indian Ocean.

Me at the Indian Ocean.

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