Merry Christmas, 2023

Camera: Apple iPhone 15 Pro
Exposure: 1/120
Aperture: f/2.2
Focal Length: 2.22mm (14mm equivalent)
ISO: 125

Merry Christmas, 2023 to all. I’ll save my reflections upon the past year in review post next week. But for now, I truly hope and wish you peace and solace at this time of year. It can be so complicated for so many, so take your peace and gratitude where you may.

This tree is found in the lobby of the Moran Eye Center, at the University of Utah, and is put up and decorated every year by Gino Chewning. It is people like Gino in this world that I am grateful for. Gino is the first person that many of the people coming to the Moran Eye Center for care meet with, and he treats them all with respect and compassion.

I am also so grateful to those people that I get to work with in the lab, and to those individuals and organizations that fund our work. I am particularly grateful to Gabe Newell for his support. We are engaged in some of the most exciting research to understand how the retina is wired together, and how that wiring breaks in retinal degeneration. This is all a phenomenal opportunity to not only discover targets for therapeutic intervention in blinding diseases, but also to understand how neural systems process information, and inform how biologically inspired systems can improve general computing.

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