2nd Easter Sunday Of The Pandemic

Camera: Apple iPhone 12 Pro
Exposure: 1/428
Aperture: f/2.4
Focal Length: 14mm equivalent
ISO: 25

It’s the 2nd Easter Sunday of this pandemic.  Are things looking up?  I think so, but it’s hard to definitively say.  Vaccinations are going out, but I also see lots of people traveling and getting together at a time when the COVID variants are also increasing.  Michigan COVID cases are up 53%.

On one hand, it feels like there is light at the end of the tunnel.  On the other, I wish people had more discipline.  I get it.  Not being able to travel and get out is devastating.  But we are at 555,000 Americans dead, with 2.85 million people dead from COVID-19 globally, and people are still dying…

I’ve not traveled in over a year.  I’ve not sat in a sit-down restaurant in over a year.  We’ve not gone to church, gone to a sporting event, been to a friends home,  shared a meal, or a beer with friends in over a year.  I get it… I’m exhausted, and I expect that most folks are more burned out than they know.  But lack of discipline is how America got into this mess, and it is frustrating to see people so casually flouting common sense.  Just a little bit longer folks… Hold on, just a little bit longer…

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