Portrait: Frans Vinberg For RPB

Camera: Canon 1D X
Exposure: 1/13
Aperture: f/1.6
Focal Length: 35mm
ISO: 800

I got an email on Wednesday with our admin telling me that she needs a couple of portraits of my colleague Frans Vinberg (@fvinberg) and myself by Friday.  It turns out that Frans Vinberg (@fvinberg) and I were both awarded Research to Prevent Blindness (RPB) (@RPB_org) grants this past go around, and they have very specific requirements on portraits… scientists have to be in lab coats, doing something related to their science, and not looking into the camera…

Still, I like the image of Frans looking into the camera above, but the photo below is the one we sent off to RPB.

The RPB grant that Frans received was the Career Development Award, a grant I received a number of years ago, and was critical in my career.  I look forward to seeing where Frans will take his work, made possible with that funding.  This year, along with Frans, I received an RPB International Collaboration Award for a glaucoma project with Pete Williams (@pete_the_teapot) at the Karolinska Instituet.  More on that later…


Camera: Canon 1D X
Exposure: 1/15
Aperture: f/2
Focal Length: 35mm
ISO: 800


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