Bay Area 2015

Stanford Chapel

Camera: Fuji X-Pro1
Exposure: 1/280
Aperture: f/1.4
Focal Length: 23mm (35mm full frame equivalent)
ISO: 640

Ran out for another patented “really fast trip”© to the South Bay Area to visit some folks at Stanford and in Cupertino.  Unfortunately, the only time available for photography was walking back and forth from meetings to the Guest House.  That said, I did drop by the Stanford chapel to make the above image.  I had the Fuji X-Pro1 with me and was pretty happy with the image, particularly given the challenging contrast of the very bright window with daylight above and the dark recesses of the wooden ceiling.  The old Fuji X-Pro1, released back in 2012 is the rangefinder I typically take with me on vacation as it can pull out images with dynamic range like this that the Leica cameras simply cannot manage.



CA resevoirs

The flight over was interesting as we flew surprisingly low over Truckee and some of the surrounding countryside giving a glimpse of just how little water is left in the reservoirs in California after the drought.


Stanford bike rack




I was also playing around with an interesting lens on this trip that I’ll have more to say about in a separate post.  This was actually the second trip I brought the lens on after having hauled it to Greece and making a few exposures.  This particular lens is a bit challenging, but fun.  See if you can guess about it from the above four images.  More to come on that.


No Trespassing

The Dish

The final two shots are over on Sand Hill Road, on the way to the Guest House.  The Dish is a South Bay area fixture, but I’ve always been fascinated with it as it somehow says “The Future” to me even though it was built back in 1966 by the Air Force for atmospheric studies.  These days it is still used for research and also for calibrating satellites.

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