Happy Easter, 2014


Happy Easter, 2014 to you all.  Its an absolutely beautiful weekend here in Utah with flowering trees and blue skies.  The outside absolutely beckons to any and all, enjoy the weather and sunshine.  Yesterday we had the Salt Lake Marathon and ComiCon downtown which sounds like it set all kinds of records with 100,000 people showing up.  Pretty remarkable and refreshing to see that many people enjoying themselves and flying their individual freak flags.



This weekend was also the first time that I’d been allowed to get back on my bike post back surgery, 6 months ago and wow, did it feel good.  It will be nice to mix bike riding in with walking on my daily commute back and forth to the lab.



In other news, we have a new addition to the family… Meet Poppy, a 7 week old kitten who is bold as can be, has no fear, is incredibly affectionate and remarkably well behaved.  We had not planned on getting another brown tabby after Otto, but I dropped by the Utah Humane Society and they had put these kittens out, literally 30 minutes before I showed up.  Poppy made herself known and that was it.  She was going to come home with us.

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