Supermoon June 22, 2013

SuperMoon June 22

This is just a quick shot of the supermoon tonight, June 22nd, 2013.  This is another digiscoping picture made just like in this entry.  As digital photography is getting more prevalent, there are some spectacular images being made.  Last year’s Supermoon images in’s The Big Picture were spectacular including one made by one of our local photographers Jim Urquhart.

I have to say that the moon tonight, did appear remarkably big and I look forward to seeing a host of photographs from people the world over for this year’s most photographed perigee moon.


Moon Linearly stretched contrast enhanced

Playing around a little bit with linear stretching of pixel values and contrast enhancing to give false color reveals some interesting detail in the moon, particularly the layering of lava flows and the brightness of more recently disturbed areas due to impacts.


Fuzzy Saturn

A little bonus tonight, I managed to find Saturn in my spotting scope for the first time.  Not a great image, but I was excited to see it nonetheless.

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    1. Thanks Kris. I could not actually believe that one could see Saturn in that little scope. I was so excited that I was talking to myself in the backyard…. Hope nobody heard that.

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