New York Science Trip


Robert and I have been making several trips back to New York last year with another trip planned already for March, I think to work on a project with collaborators  Glen Prusky, Nazia Alam and Hazel Szeto.  Seen in this picture above are from left to right, Alexander Birk, Travis Wilson, Glen Prusky, Bill Mills, myself, Yi Soong, Robert Marc, Nazia Alam, Hazel Szeto, Peter Oates, David Johnston and Shaoyi Liu.

The end of last year and then January got insanely busy, so I am just now getting around to posting these images.  Sorry for the delay folks.


Doing the science

BWJones and REM in lab

David Johnston

Diana Willis

It was a long two days of constant, solid work on this trip with my head hunched over a microscope for hours on end.  We’ve developed a routine after a few trips and everyone works incredibly efficiently which made the work go much faster than it otherwise would.  Its a great team and I look forward to the science that comes out of it.  Many thanks to Nazia for organizing, coordinating and managing the visit and science for this trip.

When we were all done, Glen hosted us at his house for a wonderful dinner (thanks Glen and Shauna!) and an evening of music and conversation.  It was a good time and I look forward to coming back in March.


Robert at dinner

David Johnston BW

Shauna Pringle

Dylan and Mar

Diana Willis2

Peter Oats

Travis Wilson

David Johnston on guitar

Glen Prusky on guitar

Moe on bass

Dylan on guitar

Robert on guitar

Valerie Hunt

Glen and Moe

Blue and Moe

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