An Amazing Retina

Amazing Retina

This is one of the most amazing retinas I’ve ever seen.  I can’t say much about it right now other than to say that it is… an unusually rare retina.  What I will say about this image is that I’ve been slowly working with Robert and Drew on a long-term project I started a couple of years ago that is designed to look at some comparative anatomy and as a result, have had some truly interesting opportunities that have come up.  More later…

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      1. I’ve been meaning to get in touch, like you life is crazy busy! I’m setting up my own lab at UCSD now and getting back into the neurodegenerative therapy field. We should DEFINITELY talk! Beer is always welcome ;) Have to work out where though.

        1. Interesting… I would very much be curious about what you have in mind in terms of neurodegenerative therapy arena. I’ve got a couple of projects in neurodegeneration in mind and it would be good to catch up.

          1. Basically looking at a combinatorial approach to SCI, AD and RP using genetic and cell based therapies. Especially for the RP, I’d love to revisit some of our past conversations about CMP etc… I”ll take this offline with you!

  1. This is not a primate retina and could possible be from an ungulate. It appears to have a tapetum so a nocturnal animal would be my guess. Am I warm?

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