Connectomics Collaboration Visit, Nick and Kristopher

Earlier in November, Robert arranged another visit with one of our collaborators, Nick Brecha and this time, his post-doc Kristopher Sheets.  Nick and Kris joined Robert, Scott and myself for a couple of days of discussion, data review and planning for future projects.  Hey guys, sorry its taken so long to get these pics posted, but its been kinda busy…  At least I made it while still in November and Nick… I still owe you an email or two.


Nick is one of the good guys in science and has a passion, like us, for the retina.  I think we’ve got some good plans starting to form and I am grateful for Nick’s input on certain projects moving forward.


Nick got a pretty interesting post-doc in Kristopher it turns out.  To begin with, Kristopher was a Navy cameraman which gave us a fair amount of shared material to talk about in addition to the science which Kris is no slouch in either.  Nice coding chops and he’s doing some really interesting things with tomographic reconstructions.  This is going to be a fun collaboration.


Scott… what can we say about Scott?  Scott graduated this year as Robert’s student and using software environments created by James Anderson is at the leading forefront of bipolar cell circuitry.


I also used this opportunity to introduce Kris to the Blue Plate Diner the morning after Nick flew out.  Good times.  Thanks guys.  Appreciate you picking up the tab for breakfast.

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