ISER 2012

Its always tough being away from work and home for a week or more as the work at home does not stop.  So, when you get back, there is always a ton of things to get caught up on, particularly when there are manuscripts to complete and experiments to perform.  That said, I finally got through the photos from ISER 2012 which this year, were shot in B&W and largely with my favorite lens, a 50mm f/1.2.  Lots of other photos from this trip are documented in previous entries here on Jonesblog, but this one is just of colleagues portraits shot at the meetings with the exception of the introductory image, a skylight from the Gemäldegalerie documented here.


Ann Morris from the University of Kentucky.


Jerry Lutty from the Wilmer Eye Institute at Johns Hopkins.


Steve Fisher and Geoff Lewis from UC Santa Barbara.


Steve Fliesler from University at Buffalo, The State University of New York and Robert Marc from the Moran Eye Center, University of Utah.


Muna Naash from The University of Oklahoma.


Ning Tian from the Moran Eye Center, University of Utah.


Wolfgang Baehr from the Moran Eye Center, University of Utah.


Cheryl Craft from University Southern California.


Alan Horsager from University Southern California.


David Krizaj from the Moran Eye Center presenting at ISER.


Steve Fliesler hamming it up.


Felix Vazquez-Chona from the Moran Eye Center, University of Utah presenting at ISER.


Ruth Heidelberger at the University of Texas Medical School at Houston delivering her seminar at ISER.


Steve Fisher giving his seminar at ISER.


Sam Wu from the Baylor College of Medicine.


Steve Fliesler MCing at the ISER gala dinner.


Ernst Tamm from the University of Regensburg accepts award at the ISER gala dinner.


Olaf Strauss from the University Hospital Regensburg on stage at the ISER gala dinner.


Janet Denlinger from the Matrix Biology Institute accepts award at the ISER gala dinner.


Doug McMahon from Vanderbilt at the ISER gala dinner.


The drummer from the evenings performance of a Marlene Dietrich like singer at the ISER gala dinner.


Our entertainment for the evening was a neue Marlene Dietrich.


Jerry Lutty at dinner.


Cathy Nickerson from Emory College.


John Nickerson of Emory University.


Mike Iuvone from Emory University.


Luminita Paraoan from University of Liverpool.


Michael Redmond from NEI/NIH.


Olaf at dinner.


Stuart Mangel from Ohio State University out at a traditional German food haus.


Doug McMahon out at the same traditional German food haus.  Service was nicht so gut and the food was about the same.  The beer however, was as always, tasty.


Robert and Stuart in front of our hotel the last night we were in Berlin.


Oh, and one last treat…  This is the only color portrait shot in the meeting… Enjoy.

13 Replies to “ISER 2012”

  1. very nice. One nit – you told us these were taking with a 50mm lens, but you didn’t specify the format/size of the target. I never thought I would ever say this – but this lens feels a bit too WIDE for the subject matter (this said by someone whose “walking around” lens is a moderate wide-angle (12mm on a 4/3 camera – AKA 24mm on a “full frame” (I hate that term, but there it is) 35mm camera.

    Again – just my taste, but I think most of these could afford to be cropped (and perhaps changed in the process from landscape to portrait mode?) Why blur the background, when you can crop it?

    1. Yeah Kenneth, so… this was new to me in a way. While I’ve shot with the 50mm lens for some time, this was my first set of portraits with a 50mm on a full frame camera. All my previous cameras have been 1.6 and 1.3 crop factor systems and the 1DX is full frame. Therefore, the 50mm is newly wide to me you might say, though my composition and mechanics of making photographs is still with a crop factor. Need to work on that some…

      …though oftentimes context is important in a portrait.

  2. Great pictures…wonderful to see everyone having a wonderful time enjoying Berlin and ISER!

    Especially the color finale with our ISER “Pres”…Steve Fliesler…I like them not cropped.

    Our USC doctoral student, Kate Fehlhaber, sent me the link~

  3. Phenomenal shots! The use of BW was perfect and I didn’t have a problem with the crops at all.

    Portraits in settings like this always cause me great anxiety and I usually get less than stellar expressions. you really coaxed some great expressions out of your colleagues, great work!

    1. Thanks Pj. Its easier that most of my colleagues have kinda gotten used to me walking around with a camera. Makes it easier when folks are used to “Oh, there’s Jones… Hey Jones!” as opposed to “Oh $#!^, there’s a camera”.

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