Brain Institute’s 3rd Annual Spring Symposium, The Neurobiology of Sensation

This year’s University of Utah Brain Institute 3rd Annual Spring Symposium, titled The Neurobiology of Sensation was held at the Utah Museum of Fine Arts last Thursday.

Leslie Vosshall gave an interesting talk on “Olfaction and Innate Behavior” through her studies of mosquito behavior and genetics.

Clay Reid is one of the players in the connectomics arena, so this was the most relevant talk to our work.  Clay spoke on  “Functional Connectomics of Cortical Circuits”.  Clay has accepted a position at the Allen Brain Institute, so it’ll be interesting to see where that work goes as they attempt to define the circuitry of mouse cortex.

Jay Gottfried spoke on “Perceptual Coding, Categorization, and Plasticity in the Human Olfactory Brain”.  There are a number of folks here at the UofU that are interested in olfaction and it was a foci of a couple faculty members in the Physiology Department where I got my Ph.D., so I am always interested in new takes on the field.


Leslie Vosshall.

Robert E. Marc introducing Clay Reid.

Clay Reid.

Jay Gottfried

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