Cold Day, New Stuff From Luma Labs

My friend Duncan flew into town a few days ago to have Trent and I test out the new hotness from Luma Labs that will be shipping out to consumers in the very near future.  I am writing a complete review and write up of the new Cinch, so look for it in the next week or so after I wring it out on an assignment this weekend.


The goal was to climb out of the valley and the oppressive inversion (Seen from 15,000 feet here) and get some product photographs and video that Duncan edited into this movie.


It was a great time with good friends, and I can say that the time I’ve spent with the new Cinch so far leaves me optimistic for the real workout the Cinch is going to get this upcoming assignment.



2 Replies to “Cold Day, New Stuff From Luma Labs”

    1. Not much snow man… Most of what you saw on the slopes was man-made. We just went through the driest December since weather has been recorded here…

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