Neurology Grand Rounds

I’ll be giving the Neurology Grand Rounds tomorrow morning in the University of Utah Clinical Neurosciences Center, talking about some of the technologies that led to the development of our understanding of retinal degeneration and retinal remodeling as well as the biological process of retinal degeneration.

Come on by and we’ll grab coffee afterwards.


Update: What a great time.  Thanks to Gordon Smith and Stefan Pulst for inviting me.  It was a riot of a good time to see old friends that even though we are at the same university, I have not talked with in years.  Chris Jones was there and I had a wonderful time catching up with him.  John Greenlee, Richard Barringer, Fred MatsuoMark Bromberg, Rob Singleton as well as my colleagues from Ophthalmology, Kathleen Digre and Judith Warner were all there.  It was also a bit of a thrill as that was the same room that I defended my thesis in back when the Moran Eye Center was in its original building and before neurology moved in.  In a sense, I owe the Neurology Department at the U of U a great debt of gratitude as that was the department that employed me as an undergraduate with Chris Jones at the Sleep Disorders and Fred Matsuo in the Epilepsy clinics.  It was a time that helped me overcome my fear of science deeply rooted in my dyslexia and learn to be fascinated by the nervous system while surrounded by a really good bunch of folks that also happen to be frightfully smart.

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