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Last month the original founders of Photowalking Utah, Ann Torrence, Harley and Diane PebleyRich Legg, Scott Smith and myself  got together with Mike Frye for an interview that was just published in PhotographyBB magazine for an article titled, “Simple, Friendly and Free  Photowalking Utah: A Phenomenon In The World of Photography Clubs And Organizations”.  For the interview, Mike wanted to know a bit about the origins of Photowalking Utah and how it has become so popular.  I wrote about our very first photowalk here, never knowing that the group of then 6 amateur photographers walking around downtown Salt Lake City in the rain would have been the initiation of such a popular movement and group here.  We’ll see where this goes in the future…


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  1. That was a great article/interview. I’m a proud member (albeit a poor attendee) of Photowalking Utah, I’ve learned so much from everyone and enjoy knowing that so many in Utah enjoy Photography as much or more than I do and are so willing to teach share and explore with others.

  2. Thanks for the comment Howard. I just added your Flickr stream to my contact list. I thought I had most of the Photowalking Utah peeps, but I guess there are some that I missed. Thanks for being a part of the community and I’ll look forward to seeing you at one of the events soon.

  3. Thanks Bryan. I’m glad you liked the article. You guys were a blast to interview and I look forward to many more photowalks with Photowalking Utah. Maybe a meal from time to time too? :-)

    Thanks Again,

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