University of Utah Museum of Natural History

Today was the last day that the University of Utah Museum of Natural History would be open in its original building.  The museum is moving to a new facility, the Rio Tinto Center in late 2011, a facility better able to present and preserve the artifacts that are both currently on display and that reside within the archives of the museum.  Unfortunately, like many museums around the country, the UofU Museum of Natural History simply does not have enough room to properly curate and display the artifacts held in its collection.  The new facility will make possible all of the things that current facility has lacked since its founding in 1969.  What follows are the most notable memories of the current building captured on the last day of its public access.

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  1. The other thing that really impresses me is how sharp the corners are compared to the 16-35. You get used to having soft corners on the 16-35 and the 15 is so much sharper…

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