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  1. I saw four of these birds today (11/29/10) in my yard in West Monroe, Louisiana. They sound more like pigeons than mourning doves.

  2. These doves have now arrived in Southeast Alaska in 2009. Their presence is even stronger in 2010. I live in Juneau. They have stayed the winter thus far, and their coo-ing is very pleasant to the ear…

  3. In recent years these birds have spread into central California from the south. In some places they are now more numerous than mourning doves. For the past week or so, one individual has been roosting in the oak in our front yard. =PSH

  4. I just had one at my feeder in Juneau Alaska – its not in any of the bird books my dad and I have and he’s never seen one at his feeders about a quarter mile from me.

  5. I’ve been watching (and listening to) three (or more) of these in our yard in Meridian, Idaho.

  6. Have one in our backyard, Fraser Valley BC. Very tame will come within about 3 inches of me and eat and just sit there

  7. They Just arrived in Woodbury, TN a few days ago. At least it’s the first we’ve seen. This is 10/1/13 and they’re building a nest!
    We’re about 50 miles east of Nashville.

    It took us 3 days to figure out what they are. One landed on a line next to a mourning dove. What a contrast.

  8. Estoy a punto de iniciar un experimento de reproduccion. Hasta ahora he logrado que se alimenten en un comedero de mi fabricacion. Aparentemente y una de las dos parejas esta lista para anidar. Reportare mis progresos. Un hobby apasionante, para quien le gustan estas aves. Salud Colombinos
    R. Villagran , Guatemala

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