Once again, I spent some time sitting in the Delta Crown Room waiting for a flight to Atlanta, GA and then on to Charleston, SC. This trip is a quick one to give a seminar at the Storm Eye Institute, at the Medical University South Carolina and then to perform a series of experiments and then fly home.

I am again, sitting next to a group of of business travelers discussing business out loud and talking about I would think, fairly sensitive financial information for their parent company. I’ll withhold the identity of the company to protect their identities, but I am always amazed at people’s indiscretion. I’ll betcha that the Dell/Windows laptops they are using are not even using a VPN, so this guy next to me surfing his sports scores, personal stock information and company information is standing out in the open with his pants down. The other thing that amazes me is that if you must use a Windows laptop, then why travel with those HUGE Dell bricks these guys are traveling with? There are a few Sony laptops that are small and light (unfortunately kinda flimsy too), but their corporate purchasing programs are likely limiting them to those heavy laptops.

Oh, and on the plane rolling along the tarmac, we saw this image which is not necessarily what one would want to see when riding in a plane. It turns out that this object is not a plane, but an airport fire practice model.

The flights went well and I even got a shot of Plant Vogtle on the way into Atlanta. Update 07/26/07: John Hopkins tells me that this is not in fact, Plant Vogtle, but is a coal plant. Plant Vogtle would have a reactor building (Duh) and only has two cooling towers. Additionally, Vogtle has no stacks. Thanks for the clarification John.

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