First ARVO

This was my first ARVO experience, this time with a poster entitled Ionotropic Glutamatergic Drive Histories of Amacrine Cell Layer Neurons Reported by 1-Amino-4-Guanidobutane (AGB) in vivo. This is one of a couple of posters I worked on this year including another one that I was co-author on with Matt Schmolesky. Perhaps next year I’ll do a platform presentation…. I have to say though that these meetings have been an exciting time for me being introduced to a wider vision research community and I am grateful to have Robert Marc as a mentor. Following him around the ARVO meetings and listening to him interact with the various scientists has been an education, albeit an intimidating one due to his level of knowledge and expertise on a number of topics ranging from retinal circuitry to light and electron microscopy, molecular biology, genetics, and even psychophysics.


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