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Time and Space…

Right now… a shot made with the iPhone.

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  1. Beautiful photo. I’m still on the 3Gs and wish I could have the improved camera. Hoping the 5 will come out soon so I can leapfrog to the next offering.

    • Yeah, I gotta say that the single biggest improvement for me in the iPhone 4 has been the camera. The built in HDR engine is OK in really challenging lighting and it benefits from the CPU increase, but most of the time I do not use it. This image is straight out of the iPhone 4 with no processing or HDR.

  2. this is quite amazing. I have to admit I never guessed the picture had been taken with the iphone camera. I’m impressed. Although if I remember correctly, you have shown stunning pictures taken with the iphone before.

    Dino LeoneJune 21, 2011 @ 11:01 pmReply
    • Thanks Dino,

      Yeah, so I have posted pictures from the iPhone before here:

      However, this photo seems to be so much more and I am really impressed with the iPhone’s performance. If you look, it even caught a raindrop streaking through in the upper left. My hope for the next iPhone is that they don’t simply try and cram more pixels in to the camera in that phone at the expense of quality or ISO sensitivity.

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