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F-16 Falcon

When the POTUS was in town a couple of weeks ago, I went up to Hill AFB to take care of a little assignment. While I was standing on the flight line, I managed to grab a few photos of F-16s doing their thing.

The introductory photo was obtained as one of the pilots taxing past saw the camera and motioned me to stay as he was going to give us a bit of a show. He continued taxiing down, spun the aircraft around and performed a max performance take off, pulling the gear up within a couple feet of the runway and executing a rather impressive turn right in front and over us.

I hung around for about 30 minutes just watching and capturing some images of F-16 from Hill AFB and Luke AFB taking off for exercises in the West Desert. Unfortunately, the light was not great as it was completely flat with lots of haze around from a passing storm, so I’ll have to arrange a followup trip explicitly to capture some images in the near future. For now, enjoy what shots I was able to grab.

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