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Utah State Capitol

The Utah State Capitol has just finished undergoing an extensive four year restoration and was rededicated yesterday on January 4th. I was unable to attend the opening ceremonies, but did see the fireworks from the window of a late meeting I was in up at the Moran Eye Center. Today however, was the grand opening of the Capitol to the public and H and I decided to go up and see the building and drop in to see an old friend working at the Capitol as well.

The restoration is truly impressive with all the pollution on the outside accumulated over almost 100 years cleaned off, the artwork inside has been meticulously restored, new art work, paintings and sculpture has been placed and seismic upgrades were performed to protect the building and its occupants all with a dedication to craftsmanship that is hard to find these days. The work is beautiful, inspiring and befitting of the seat of state government for an area of the country that is moving forward into a new century in many ways faster than the rest of the nation.

Lastly, there is still much finish work that is being done on the capitol with pages and pages of punchlists that have to be finished before the work is done including finish painting. I could not resist snapping a shot below of one of the signs up in an area that was still being painted.

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