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Well, the trip started out a little shaky when we discovered that our flight was oversold and Delta was trying to get people to volunteer their seats. When nobody volunteered, they made an announcement saying that there was weather in the LAX region and that the plane may have to divert to Palm Springs and we’d have to arrange for our own travel to LAX. We frantically looked for options (Salt Lake City to Chicago to San Francisco to Incheon) and then simply decided to risk the chance of diversion and subsequent trip cancellation as we needed to make our connecting flight to Korea, then Japan. Of course there was no weather in the LAX region, but there was a bit of smoke from the fires. While I can understand smoke preventing possible travel, I don’t understand it from the perspective that all of these planes can fly IFR. I suspect it was simply an effort to clear some people off the flight.

The flight itself was pleasant enough while we flew over some of the fires in Southern California while I talked with my neighbor, another Mr. Jones. Mr. Jones and I talked automobiles, biking and life in the West and before long, we were queuing up to land in LAX.

Couple hours later…

Now, I am now sitting in the Tom Bradley International Terminal in LAX in the Korean Air Lounge sipping a Diet Coke, getting email, reading about the new OS X release today and watching planes take off and land outside the windows here. Our flight from LAX to ICN is in about three hours, so the next update will be from there.

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